1. What is DailyTV?
    • DailyTV is your everyday short video to help update you of the latest entertainment, news or specific category that is important to you. With our busy life, we have limited time to watch video. DailyTV is here for you.
  2. What phone model does DailyTV supports?
    • DailyTV is supported by all types of smartphones.
  3. What type of packages DailyTV offers?
    • DailyTV is a video entertainment service which offers a variety of channels.
    • For only $0.05 per day per channel, you get new daily video updates and unlimited access to watch all videos in the channel.
    • List of channels for you to choose:
      • Funny
      • KJ Pop
      • Supermodel
      • Variety
      • Knowledge
      • Cars & Gadget
      • Sport Action
      • Glamor
    • We offer new video channels frequently, so do keep updated with us
  4. Who is eligible to use the DailyTV service?
    • DailyTV is available to all Metfone prepaid and postpaid customers.
  5. Can I subscribe and access DailyTV service using WIFI connection?
    • Sorry, unfortunately you can't. DailyTV is only available on mobile data connection.
  6. What happens if I can't play the video?
    • Please make sure your phone is data-enabled and you are in the coverage area with strong mobile connection for the best viewing experience. You must be connected to Metfone data connection to view DailyTV videos.
  7. How do I unsubscribe from the channels that I have?
For more info, refer to Terms & Conditions | Privacy Policy